Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Quebec Student Strike... Anti-Austerity

What is austerity?

I'm a green at heart, and a creative spirit. I know the value of doing with less, and making do with what you have, and the creativity that arises out of limitations. But the way 'austerity' is used it seems to be about quashing creativity. It seems to be about saying that the the 'lovely intagibles' of life, the things that make life worth living, are the things we must do without. Education, the arts, music, health, rest... love? Living more simply appeals to me a great deal. But I think there is another way. A better way. There must be another solution other than forcing us all to cut funding to the things that ultimately matter the most.

Quebec students are striking to demonstrate that some of us understand the value of affordable, accessible education. In fact, education should be free. Education is a right. Thanks to the students in Quebec standing up for all our rights.

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