Sunday, 12 August 2012

Reflecting on Adam and Eve...

I'm watching "Hedwig and the Angry Inch", and the character Tommy Gnosis talks about Adam and Eve at one point, and he made me see something I never thought about before.

When Eve bites the fruit from the Tree of Knowledge, she then knows what is good and evil. And she chooses to share the fruit with Adam.

Many in religious circles have since said that Eve is to blame for Adam's fall (and subsequently the female sex of our species is damnable).

But I want to go back before that.

When Eve ate the fruit, she had the knowledge of good and evil. And then she chose to share the fruit with Adam.

So, the question that intrigues me is... if Eve knew good and evil, was her act of sharing the fruit good or evil? I think most have always interpreted it as evil.

But, what if, once she had the knowledge of good and evil, her act was good?

What if it was good?

What if, with her new knowledge of what was good and evil, she chose to do good?

What does that mean for men and women today? If it means anything.